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My name is Carmen Kazakoff-Lane. I am a Distance Education and Inter-Library Loans Librarian at Brandon University (Canada).

I am long time advocate of increased inter-institutional collaboration/cooperation among libraries. I have been involved in library consortia activities in western Canada. In 2004 I became a member of what would become the ANimated Tutorial Sharing Project’s Development and Working Group, and in 2006 became ANTS Project Coordinator.

I also believe that collaboration is more important than ever as changes in technology, higher education, student demographics, information, and society means that libraries – struggling with limited resources - need to work together if we are to offer our users the types of 24/7, Point of Need, Library 2.0 services that will position us as leaders in the Age of Information.

I found that my interests in collaboration, technology, multimedia, information litercy, distributed learning, open access and open source all have converged in my work with ANTS. It is a fascinating project that has benefited from Open Source, Social Software, and Creative Commons Licensing so that librarians – across institutions – can come together, share their work, and easily learn what work is taking place across institutions.

More recently, my work in ANTS has led me to become a vocal advocate for Open Educational Resources. Much as Librarians have advocated for Open Access, there is a need for us to be cognizant of the need to make our Learning Objects Openly available. ANTS is such a project as our project enables people to share and adapt files - as per our Creative Commons License. Because we also rely on large numbers of volutneer contributors, we believe that ANTS is a sustainble OER project that will enable librarians to develop - and maintain the currency of - large number of multimedia learning objects.

For anyone curious to learn more about how ANTS facilitates sharing and why it is important to libraries, see:

Kazakoff-Lane, Carmen. (June 2006) ANTS: ANimated Tutorial Sharing Project. Feliciter. Vol. 52, No. 3. p. 109-110

Kazakoff-Lane, Carmen. (2007). Providing Innovative Services to "Our Users" in the World of Web 2.0: The ANTS Initiative. Proceedings of the 13th National ACRL Conference. Baltimore, MD. 70-78

Kazakoff-Lane, C and P. Betty. (2009) “Doing it Right: Collaboration, Shared Workspaces, Syndication and Broadcasting at the ANimated Tutorial Sharing Project” In: Proceedings of the LOEX 2009 Annual Conference: Blazing Trails: On the Path Towards Information Literacy. LOEX

Kazakoff-Lane, C. (2010) “Anything, Anywhere, Anytime: The Promise of the Animated Tutorial Sharing Project for Online and Mobile Information Literacy.” In: T. Peters and J. Rundels (Eds.) The Fourteenth Off-Campus Library Services Proceedings (pp. 285-300) Mount Pleasant, Michigan: Central Michigan University This article is also forthcoming in the Journal of Library Adminstration in late 2010.


Carmen Kazakoff-Lane

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ukchennai Thank you 0 Nov 16 2009, 11:39 PM EST by ukchennai
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Dear Carmen Kazakoff-Lane,

This is gowtham from India, i am a consultant and associated with Non Profit Organizations in South India. I work along with my father ,he is a Reader and works on Environmental issues, in providing education and Employment at the Rural Level.

But me and my father decided to educate and create libraries(Small) in the Villages which will educate the farmers,as 65% of the Indian population based in villages.

In this regard i appreciate your concern and work for the society as books are very important source for the development but unfortunately the new generation dost understand this aspect that is why here in India utilization of libraries has fallen drastically.

In this regard i would like to associate with your activities.

Looking forward,

Gowtham G

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