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As an Open Source project with no technological or geographical restrictions, ANTS welcomes participation from professional librarians everywhere. ANTS is more than a sharing project --- it is also a test case for how to collaborate regardless of distance. In order to facilitate this, we have provided librarians with a central repository where they can both upload and download files, as well as the means to communicate what work is being done across institutions. If you would like to contribute to this worthy project, simply follow the instructions provided below:

Step 1: Check the list of e-resource / database tutorials identified for development.

This list indicates the databases and resources the ANTS team has identified as relevant to the project and our audience.There are additional separate lists for information literacy tutorials, literacy tutorials, data and GIS tutorials, and tutorials for handicapped users. If you do not see your topic or resource listed, contact the ANTS team to see if the resource or topic covered in your tutorial is appropriate for the project.

Step 2: Adopt a tutorial.

In order to do this you will need to get an account at this Wiki and to be made a writer. It is easy to get an account and get in touch with us for writer status. We would love to automatically grant this status, but spam means we need to know who you are. Once you are a writer, you can use your new status to post what tutorial you are working on - so others know what is being done.

Step 3: Check the ANTS project guidelines and the Best Practices in Screencasting.

Since the tutorial will be shared with other libraries, please refrain from referring to institutional specific services and resources so as to ensure the broadest possible audience. If you've already created a tutorial, this may mean editing or removing content that refers specifically to your home institution. While brief and flexible, the guidelines are meant to ensure continuity in presentation style and content among the various tutorials submitted to the project.

You may also want to check the Best Practices Section for additional ideas when creating a tutorial - but none of these are requirements for contribution to the project.

Step 4: Upload your project to ANTS.

Step 5: Notify Others of the New Content

Perhaps one of the most important things you should do is update the Wiki list once a tutorial is completed / updated and uploaded to ANTS. This step ensures that everyone knows that current content exists for a particular tutorial - thereby helping to eliminate redundancy of effort.

When you contribute files to the project, we will make them available at two additional sites with embedding code for SWF Files and FLV Files. They are Screencast.Com and LION TV. Both also have notification systems any time we transfer files to them from our central repository at DSpace.

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