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Keeping Up to Date Participants in this project can keep up to date with ongoing developments a number of ways:

1. You can learn what tutorials are being worked on by consulting our List of Online Resources Identified for Development, our Information Literacy Tutorials Identified for Development and other types of tutorials identified for development which are listed under How to Contribute. These lists are current as participants are asked to post what they are working on, or have completed so other participants have access to current information.

2. You can set up your profile to WATCH pages and recieve E-mail Notifications / updates about site activity (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) If you want to subscribe to our Discussion Forum or Receive UPDATES about ALL SITE ACTIVITY, view this Powerpoint Demonstration. It will tell you how to do so. If you want to subscribe to Individual Pages, then:

    1. Log into the Wiki using your account information
    2. Select the relevant page (for instance the Best Practices Page
    3. Beside the Easy Edit icon are a number of options – Select More Tools.
    4. Select Watch Page from the Drop Down Menu listed under More Tools.
    5. Select My Profile (far right side of the Toolbar) – then select Email Notifications and tell it to send notifications when Items Change in your watchlist.
This Watch page can be set for any of our ANTS Wiki pages but not for the Feature Pages Wetpaint Provides (i.e. the Discussion Forum, Updates - or any of the ones on their Red Toolbar) You can be notified about any changes to them, but you will have to use their RSS Feed options. To do so, view the Powerpoint we have created. As a general rule it is very useful to tell it to watch our (a) lists of resources identified for development (so you know what work people are doing on each tutorial), (b) our Discussion forum and (c) our Best Practices in Screencasting. All of this can be accomplished if you just tell it to notify you of any updates to the site.

3. If you use an aggregator you can also point it to an RSS Feed for New Pages, Recently Updated Pages, Recent Comments and New Pages - which is listed under Site Reports & RSS Feeds. (NOTE: To learn all about how to see the latest changes to the site read our section on RSS Feeds in our FAQ.)

4. People can learn of completed Tutorials by subscribing to DSpace. It will then notify you any time new content is added.

5. If the idea of being notified via iTunes, 1Click or Miro appeals to you, use one of the feeds on our site or our LION TV Site. They also provides RSS Feeds. These sites will send notices about completed tutorials.

Getting Help

Ever come across a piece of software with a quirk? Want to know how to do something better? ANTS can help you a number of ways:

  1. Check out our Best Practices in Screencasting Section
  2. Participate in our Discussion Forum where you can identify issues and people you can learn from.
  3. Use our FAQ or contact any one of the team members listed below.

Google Analytics and Screencasts

Is your library using Google Analytics to track use of your website? If so, take a look at this screencast to learn how to integrate Google Analytics into your Adobe Captivate, Camtasia Studio, or Viewlet Builder screencasts. Direct any questions about this topic to
Paul Betty.
(Link to the screencast has been fixed. The wiki editor was doing some automated formating that was messing up the URL. It should work now!)


Members of the Animated Tutorial Sharing Project Development Group include:

Carmen Kazakoff-Lane, Brandon University (Project Coordinator, Marketing and List of Online Resources for Development Contact)
Paul Pival, University of Calgary (DSpace and RSS Feed contact)
Bill Badke, Trinity Western University (Guidelines and Information Literacy Contact)

Paul Betty, Regis University (Captivate, Screencasting and LION TV Contact)
Richard Baer, Camosun College (Camtasia Software and Screencast.Com Contact

Regional Representatives (talks at local conferences about screencasting and ANTS; provides help regionally)


Ontario Rep: Meghan Ecclestone, York University Libraries (Ontario Regional Contact and Captivate User)

United States:

Wyoming Rep: Cassandra Messersmith Kvenild, University of Wyoming,

If you have a specific question related to one of the areas our group has expertise in, you may wish to contact us at the e-mails listed above.

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